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Production Stories

Posted: 14/05/2013
Author: Morten

So – it’s about time we started using this blog more often! The plan is to keep you updated on current projects with descriptions, photos and video. Both as documentation for ourselves but also as a production reference on techniques and ideas. Bookmark it!

Rumlab has a website!

Posted: 13/09/2011
Author: Morten

After years of thoughts and sketches, we finally got around to making ourselves a website. Mostly it is a showcase of our work, and hopefully you will visit from time to time, to check out the latest creations. To keep track, join the RSS feed or connect to our Facebook application. Also (as you see reading this), the site features a blog. Here we’ll keep you updated on WIP projects, production techniques and small stories needing to be told. The site is still in its infant steps so lots of projects haven’t gone online yet, but keep tuned and do contact us if we poked your curiosity.