MAA Pavilion

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The Pavilion is based on the tree as history, and inspired by a variety of images and phenomena. Wood, both in design and those we find in nature are associated with a particular poetry Рa kind of ancient relation, and a generator of an eternal fascination for people of all ages and ancestry. The challenge of making something that can be built easily by commonly available wood, but which also contains a special organic, poetic experience is a core feature of the project. The result plays on a wide register of architectural experiences and phenomena. The connection to the site Рin the form of a special relationship with the two japanese cherry trees;  an ambgious relationship between inside and outside, and an arousement of curiosity that gives a reward in the form of a special play of light and close connection to nature, if you take the trip up the ramp.

Awarded a 3rd prize among 83 proposals.